Planning page for the Socii Aoidon

Roger Travis, Magister Magistrorum
Kevin Ballestrini, Magister Quaestuum
Matthew Bennett, Magister Ludorum
David Marchetti, Magister Litterarum
Mark Pearsall, Magister Metarum
Karen Zook, Magistra Studiorum

Amicus sociorum:
Michael Young, Amicus Doctus

Infra ligaturae ad operis nostri partes
Lesson list
Lesson Plan 1

Infra locus est ad illa ponenda quae facimus (place to stick stuff we're working on)

1. Draw up a list of objectives for the lesson (we talked about introducing the third person singular present): Mark

2. Draw up a list of activities for the lesson, both the ones during the lesson itself and the ones before and after: Matt

3. Outline the basic structure of the lesson and identify the quest (or other in-game activity like an exploration or slayer deed): Kevin

4. Draft any scripts for the lesson, and identify and draft any set pieces to be composed (e.g. "Salve! Mihi nomen est Lobelia Saccula-Baggins. Bilbonem odi."): Dave

5. Come up with list of possible lessons and an incipient structure for a prospective course: omnes