Our PCA/ACA proposal, "The Chief Link: An Examination of the Bards' Foray into the Video Game Realm," was accepted. Here, we will work on collecting notes and thoughts to go into the presentation.

There will be three distinct sections, all centering around narrative in gaming: adventure games, uploaded videos, and machinima. Post any thoughts or comments here.

[Roger] Matthew, do you have a format in mind, or should we talk about that first, and then move on to divvying up the leadership of the sections? My suggestion would be that you lead off the panel by spending five to ten minutes talking about how you see the three sections as being part of a larger whole. I could then do my Homer, Halo, and LOTRO shtick, followed by some discussion among the panelists (I'd rather do discussion after each presentation than save it), with help from the audience, if they want to chime in. Rinse and repeat a couple times, with the final discussion being as summative as we can make it. What do you think?

[Matthew] Roger, I think that we should have separate sections, as laid out in the proposal, and discussions following each one; however, I am afraid that we may loose track of time if we have discussions after each section. I do believe that we should have a five to ten minute introduction where we introduce all of our ideas and briefly lay out the panel. Let me know what you think.

For "Uploaded Videos," I am planning to argue that the videos, and to a larger extent, user created content in games such as Halo and Little Big Planet, serve as narratives and glory for the player. I am planning to tie in Beowulf, from the proposal, and some sections from the Odyssey that you have been discussing, Roger. If I am able to, I plan on drawing from African American oral tradition and from the emergence of musical acts giving fans the opportunity to construct covers of their songs, providing fans with all of the tools necessary for this creation.

Link to made up Braves' franchise.