Welcome to the wiki for the Video Games and Human Values Initiative!

The initiative's mission
The Video Games and Human Values Initiative proposes to create a Center for Video Games and Human Values. The proposed center, based like the initiative at the University of Connecticut, will serve as an interdisciplinary nexus for online courses and online scholarly activities like symposia and research fellowships. All these activities are designed to advance our understanding of how video games and their culture can shape our values constructively for the enrichment of society.

As a medium that embraces the humanities and social sciences, technology, and the worlds of business and education, video games demand analysis from multiple angles and on multiple levels. We believe that video games have grown to extraordinary cultural prominence without benefit of such a truly interdisciplinary analysis; in particular, video games are a dominant cultural force among students now in the midst of their secondary and post-secondary education, only a few of whose teachers have any understanding of how gaming is shaping their students.

Our main place of practice
http://vghvinet.ning.com is where the initiative lives, mostly, so please join up there, too, if you haven't already!

This wiki page
Please feel free to put on this page any ideas you have for how we can use a wiki--in particular any ideas for whitepapers that might express our approach to games in culture and civilization, and/or might embody that approach.

Center virtual community business
10/26/08: Roger's Living Epic course is live for registration! In honor of the occasion, the initiative has got a home of its own. Join up there and let's get this snowball rolling!

10/19/08: The proposals for NEH and MacArthur are both up now. Many thanks to the wonderful people at UConn who helped put them together! If you want to get goosebumps about VGHVI/CVGHV's future, read 'em!

7/31/08: I'm starting to put some of the NEH proposal up. Check the navigation to the left of this page to take a look, and to help edit it!

Gaming together
See here! It's a page to plan the logistics of VGHVI gaming.